The legacy of Giulio Natta is a model of development based on culture and history of innovation

A different perspective that does not foresee the development of new technologies, but creatively uses existing ones, according to the principles of circular economy. A new point of view originates from this approach, more interdisciplinary, understanding the new economic and social scenarios, using existing knowledge to meet new and innovative needs.


19 Oct 2016

Cassinazza Rice

The cultivation of our Natural Rice is one of the activities that we carry out in the Cassinazza agricultural context.

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09 Sep 2016

The Neorurale area: “La Cassinazza”

The Cassinazza is an area that includes about 1400 hectares of lands and 7 old farmhouses, neighbouring with each other. Since 1996, the management of this agricultural area has been aimed at recreating a balance between natural and human elements, which had been lost due to industrialization of agriculture. This purpose is achieved today by […]

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01 Sep 2016

Rice field margins

The Cassinazza evolution began in the mid-90s’, with an extensive application of the agro-environmental policies, creating woods and wetlands instead of seeding crops for at least 20 years on entire plots of land. In the following years, the change in the agro-environmental scenarios has suggested the idea to integrate crop cultivation with agro-environment elements. The […]

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