Architectural recuperation and re-development of the rural environment

Turning  the agricultural environment from a mere producer of goods to a service provider, is the Neorurale vision,  that has allowed us to upgrade the rural environment and to enhance the existing buildings, without disturbing the landscape with uncharacteristic buildings related to the past and tradition.

Neorurale promotes a concept that brings back once again to agriculture world a leading role for economic and social development, using the framework, EU guidelines and the concept of 3rd Generation agricultural.  The farm buildings pose another challenge: to turn  them into new centres of economic production, by providing them with all the basic services and new communication data transmission technologies.


The consequent advantages for business to be situated or to transfer to outside the city center  are numerous. In general, rural areas provide more overall space, both inside and outside. The majority of the new development for what we call, rural business parks, are generally strategically positioned near major motorway networks and is therefore easily accessible.
Another key benefit is the availability of ample parking for employees and visitors, unlike in cities where parking is becoming more and more limited and is usually at very costly.
Working in rural areas also costs less to the employee, significantly increases their purchasing power and improving their quality of life. The decision to put the first the value the employees quality of life is spreading with increasing intensity: more and more companies in fact decide to move their offices “to the country”  appealed by the improvement of working conditions, regardless of their type of business.


In short, we can talk about the sustainability of moving an office to the rural world as:

  •  it offers the possibility of developing a versatile place, adaptable to the needs of business;
  • offers large spaces, both  indoor and outdoor and for parking;
  • is easily accessible; It does not involve the high costs typical of large urban centres;
  • the natural environment or re-naturalized surroundings creates positive conditions for a high quality work, and is the natural evolution of the tradition;
  • the aesthetic and nature quality promotes a creative and proactive approach

Discover the philosophy that underlie the Neorurale approach for sustainable development.
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29 Aug 2018

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